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My approach to graduate school and MBA application essay editing differs from that of conventional consulting firms. There are more creative ways to approach MBA and graduate program admission essays. The best writing never begins with putting pen to paper. That should come after much soul-searching, consideration and planning!

My number one goal besides getting you into the school of your choice is for you to have fun writing your essays!

Writing can seem like such drudgery without it. Not only that, but clients typically come to me with writing anxiety, which using my methods will quickly put to rest.

Here is the collaborative discovery process you may expect to happen:

We begin with a free 45-minute consultation call. I’ll get to know you, hear about your goals, listen to your questions and explain how the discovery process works. I’ll ask whether I can thank a past client for referring you. Then I’ll point you to valuable graphic organizers and resources on the website. If you are ready to move ahead, we will schedule our next meeting.
Before we next meet, you’ll develop a bullet point outline that answers the following:

  • What do you want to study?
  • Why do you want to study it?
  • What do you plan to do with the degree once you graduate?
Graphic organizers have been used in education for a long time, and their use has recently come into vogue at the college level. They are a highly effective way to organize thoughts and ideas prior to writing your essays. Completing the five TAKE-3 graphic organizers should provide a fun, relaxed opportunity to bounce ideas off family and friends, pick their brains for childhood and school memories, and discover what qualities they feel best define you.
After you have completed the Take-3 organizers, the Metaphor Map, Mind Map and Story Map organizers will help you to further brainstorm and begin to plan the essays. If one of your friends is also beginning MBA or graduate program admission essays you could complete the graphic organizers together and both reap valuable insights.

During this phase, you will also have light reading to complete. All of the articles are available on the Resources page.

Then it’s time to email me the following things for review:

  • Your resume
  • List of chosen schools and their essay questions
  • Bullet point statement of purpose
  • Completed graphic organizers
  • And we’ll connect about our next conversation.
In the meantime, I will:

  • Review your resume and statement of purpose and take notes
  • Analyze your completed graphic organizers and consider ideas to share with you via email
  • Analyze prior essays you may have written and jot down items of interest
  • Review the essay questions from your school of choice and consider ways to answer these creatively using your metaphors
  • Develop an individualized plan for moving forward.
Now it’s time for our first brainstorming session. (If you purchased the Silver Package, you may wish to limit this call to ½ an hour and save the next ½ hour for further consulting.) We’ll discuss your findings, your ideas for the essays, and how these might fit in with the college application essay prompts. I’ll give you my feedback, and we’ll go back and forth.
Before you begin to write, we will together thoroughly analyze the three sample essays found on the Resources page and use the rubrics to score them. School teachers have used rubrics for a long time, and they have recently come into vogue at universities, too. Simply put, a rubric explains what a student needs to produce in order to attain a certain level of competence. Good rubrics provide clear expectations and clear standards. They are scored numerically in order to be objective and fair.
Next, it’s time for some free-writing exercises that enable us to get over writing jitters and write with a sense of flow. You’ll complete them while listening to evocative instrumental music, and ideas will pour out of you that you never knew you had!
It’s time to begin the actual essays! At this point you will have so much terrific material to draw from that it will be no problem to populate them using all of the strategies I advise in my free report.
With each essay you will use rubrics to evaluate your own writing. We’ll discuss these thoroughly in advance. I have designed these essay rubrics specifically according to my methodology, so I don’t recommend using them if you work with other essay editors. I DO recommend asking friends or family members to score your essays using the rubrics and to explain their reasons for scoring the way they do.
Once you’re satisfied with your progress, send me your latest draft. The rubrics will enable both of us to pinpoint areas of strength and weakness. If you have purchased the Silver package, you will have one round of review and my comments. If you purchase the Gold, you’ll have two rounds per essay. With the Platinum package, the review rounds are unlimited, as are our coaching calls.

Here’s a complete overview of the essay writing and review process:


Please feel free to email me at with any questions you may have or to set up your free consultation. Looking forward to hearing from you soon!


You can find all the rubrics and graphic organizers with an explanation about them on the Store Page.


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