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I can help with essays from any academic background. Simply purchase your choice of any of the first essay packages on this page.
You are free to choose whichever company’s services you like. When you partner with me you will enjoy a much more robust discovery process before even putting pen to paper. Think of it more like your own personal classroom experience – as you leverage my educational background and time-tested methods to your writing success.
This will vary from client to client, depending on their rate of response. Reading over the information on the My Approach page will help you to gauge how long the process might take from your end. I will always respond to your submissions within 24-48 hours, Monday – Friday.
Although you can successfully use the same themes, metaphors and stories while responding to multiple b-school prompts, I would not advise using exactly the same essay. While the prompts from different colleges are similar, they vary in nuanced ways. Also, you will want to tailor your essay to each individual b-school’s programs, coursework, educators, philosophies, etc. This is where having a strong discovery process in place using my methodology will come in handy.
You will need to realistically assess your needs and personal qualities to determine which package fits you best. There are two advantages to selecting the Platinum package:

  • You will have the comfort of unlimited revisions
  • I will guarantee that you achieve a unique and compelling voice in the essay.
In surveys, students of writing frequently identify “voice” as the number one aspect that they wish to learn about and develop. Voice may not be easy to define, but you can imagine how essay reviewers thrill to hear a unique and engaging voice as they read. Why? Because most applicants have not yet had enough writing experience to develop one, so reviewers rarely encounter a strong narrative voice among their daunting stacks of essays.

When you work with me, you’ll have tools at your disposal to develop an engaging and unique voice – or at least approximate one. My ability to evaluate this voice comes from years of expert writing and assessing student work.

Statistics I have read suggest that you will have a less than five percent chance of getting into a top MBA program if your GMAT score is below 600. Given those odds, if you will be retaking the GMAT, I advise waiting to purchase essay services until you have achieved a score that b-schools will accept. In the meantime, you will find very useful items on both the Resources and Services pages to begin developing your essays.
A well designed essay rubric provides the very best way for you, family, friends and me to assess the quality of your essay. They:

  • Make expectations crystal clear
  • Help you and me think critically about what it will take to achieve a strong essay and the road to get there.
  • Provides you with informative feedback about your strengths and areas in which your writing needs improvement

Using rubrics to evaluate b-school essays is unique to my services. I strongly discourage using the rubrics I’ve developed with any other college application essay editing service. This is because I advise a much different approach from the essay-writing roadmaps they provide.

Yes, you can read more on our Referral Rewards page. Referring others can yield a nice benefit to you and the past client who referred you. Let’s say your chosen school requires you to respond to three prompts and submit a personal statement essay; if a friend referred you, you would realize a savings of $397. The friend who refers you will get $20 bucks delivered via PayPal.
Yes, you can obtain $20 off your first order – simply fill out the form on the home page!

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